Design and Engineering Services

We are experts in thermal and mechanical design of heat exchangers and our customers naturally have the distinct advantage of our strong academic credentials and vast practical experience.

We provide design and engineering services for:-

  • Single phase heat exchangers.
  • Double phase heat exchangers i.e. condensers and vaporizers in the geometric configurations of:-
    a) Shell and tube type heat exchangers
    b) Economisers
    c) Air fin coolers
    d) Pipe in pipe heat exchangers

Refurbishment Services:-
We provide services for:-

  • Chemical cleaning of shell and tube side of heat exchangers using inhibited chemical reagents and thereafter neutralization and passivation.
  • Retubing of existing heat exchangers by removal of the old scrap tubes and replacement with new tubes without distorting the hole size or surface.
  • Modification/augmentation of the existing heat exchangers to suit the plant process parameters requirement.