• Jacket water heat exchangers and charge air coolers for D.G. sets.
  • Inter-coolers, after-coolers and air receivers for Air and Gas Compressors.
  • Oil coolers for gear oil and hydraulic oil cooling application in power packs and turbines..
  • Finned heaters/coolers for air heating/cooling application in turbines and electric motors/generators of power plant.
  • Surface condensers in a power plant.
  • Integral finned tubes and external spiral edge tension, L-footed, G-grooved and wire wound finned tubes.
  • Waste heat recovery units.
  • Unfired pressure vessels under SMPV(U) rules i.e. C.C.O.E approval.
  • Chillers, condensers, air-cooling units and evaporative condensers for refrigeration and air-conditioning plants.
  • Chemical mixing tanks and agitators.