Company Profile

Ammus Engineers (P) Ltd. Industries is an ISO:9001 company for design, manufacture and marketing of Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels. It has more than fifty years experience in design and manufacture of Heat Transfer Equipment.
Ammus Engineers (Formerly Airfrige) Industries designs and manufactures all types of Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels Ammus Engineers (Formerly Airfrige) for diverse Industries such as Petroleum, Refinery, Power, Fertilizer and Ordnance Factories. The secret of success of Ammus Engineers (Formerly Airfrige) lies in its total commitment to quality and conformance to international standards.

As a policy of the organization, it is totally committed to:-

  • its partners in progress i.e. it invaluable vendor base who have reposed their unflinching trust in Ammus Engineers (Formerly Airfrige) AND
  • its dependable workforce.
The product range of Ammus Engineers (Formerly Airfrige) based on configurations of Heat Exchangers is as follows:-
  • Pipe in Pipe Heat Exchanger.
  • Shell and Tube Type Heat Exchanger.
  • Finned Tube Type Heat Exchanger.
  • Finned Helical Coil.
  • Pressure Vessels.
The product range of Ammus Engineers (Formerly Airfrige) based on applications handled is as follows:-
  • Air Cooled Oil Cooler.
  • Shell and Tube Type Oil Cooler.
  • Inter and After cooler for Compressed Air Applications.
  • Charge Air Cooler and Jacket Water Heat Exchanger for D.G. Sets.
  • Surface Condenser for Steam Condensation.
  • Chiller and condenser for Freon/ammonia based refrigeration.

Ammus Engineers (Formerly Airfrige) has highly qualified engineering professionals from the top most premier universities of the world. It has a niche in the market for design and manufacture of quality Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels. Airfrige has the latest American software for design and manufacture of Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels.
Ammus Engineers (Formerly Airfrige) has top notch in-house facilities for manufacture and testing of heat transfer equipment and has been continuously augmenting manufacturing and testing facilities to keep itself abreast with the technological advances in the world. The company has excellent material handling facilities and a dedicated laboratory for stringent quality control at every stage of design and manufacture of products.

For different products the individual description is as follows:-
  • Pipe in Pipe Heat Exchanger:- They are generally used where the flow rates are low and one of the fluid is dirty/has lot of suspended solids and cannot be feasibly cleaned in a shell and tube type of heat exchanger.
    Ammus Engineers (Formerly Airfrige) has the expertise to design and manufacture pipe in pipe heat exchangers for varied application right from sludge heating to waste heat recovery application.
  • Pressure Vessels:- Ammus Engineers (Formerly Airfrige) has capability to design and manufacture unfired pressure vessels of 2m diameter x 10m length and 40T weight capacity in various materials of construction including carbon steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel as per ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1 and Div. 2. These vessels find varied application as air receiever and in critical areas as chlorine storage tank
  • Finned Tube Heat Exchanger:- Finned tubes are used to enhance the heat transfer area to compensate for the low heat transfer coefficient of the fluid in whose contact the extended surface area is provided. This is done to increase the overall heat transfer coefficient since it is determined by the controlling side fluid film co-efficient. Finned tubes are of two types: Integral finned tubes and externally wrapped finned tubes. Integral low finned tubes are formed by extruding the metal surface thereby increasing the surface area in contact with the fluid on fin side. The diameter over the fin is lower than the tube OD at the ends. Such low finned tubes in copper/CS/SS material of construction are used in shell and tube type heat exchangers for vapor condensing/oil cooling applications.
    Externally finned tubes are generally used in heating/cooling of atmospheric/compressed air/gas in exchange for cooling/heating of the fluid on the other side. The method of attachment of fin to tube is tension winding /G-groove/L-footed depending upon the criticality of application/temperature to be dealt with by the finned surface. Generally the material of construction of externally finned surface is aluminum and in some cases it is copper too.
    Ammus Engineers (Formerly Airfrige) has the capability to design and manufacture all these types of finned tube heat exchangers for various applications as are described herein above.
  • Re-tubing/Revamping of Heat Exchangers:- Ammus Engineers (Formerly Airfrige) has the technical expertise and a vast experience in re-tubing of shell and tube type heat exchangers. These re-tubed heat exchangers not only work as efficiently as the original equipment but also give trouble free performance for a significant period of continuous operation because the tube hole surface is safe guarded against damage in a reclaimed tube plate. Airfrige has the automatic equipment for the extraction of tubes from tube sheet without cutting of TEMA "E" type shell in shell and tube heat exchangers. In the past, Airfrige has successfully re-tubed propane condenser having 2300 nos. ¾” OD x 8500long tubes for a refinery service and so also 8000 nos. tubes for a steam condenser in a power plant application.